The current Premier League left nine round, good at robbing the rich and poor Liverpool has no strong dialogue can play, if you want to enter the top four, behind the nine rounds of the face of the "fellow" will not be soft, robbed rich and poor In the football can be passed for the elephants, but for the urgent need for a Champions League seat to revive the Red Army, I'm afraid to go is a no return. Guardiola further pointed out that "when you get 10 consecutive victories or a good time to play a game, there is nothing special to win.However, you need to consider is what we play in this case, and we are How to deal with them, they are a top team, they have a lot of very good players, for me this has important significance Rod Gilbert Jersey, which is why I am so happy reasons. Such as the victory of Liverpool Adam Clendening Jersey, this war will be Manchester City Premier League 200 home victory, as the history of the 8th team to achieve this achievement, but unfortunately backfire, Blue Moon was 1-1 draw , With the city rivals Manchester United together to become a master of the home draw. Mediocre home record Brandon Pirri Jersey, but also Manchester City Hutch in the race on the way to fall behind the main reason Conor Allen Jersey.