But the contrast is terrible, this season, Manchester City Hero's home results how bad it? Look at Manchester City: 14 war 7 wins and 6 draws and 1 losses, into the 14 ball 14 goals, 10 goal difference, get 27 points, ranking the Premier League 8th. Only lose a game of course, great, second only to home undefeated Tottenham, but six games is too much. Of course, on the draw, Manchester City have to serve the city rivals. Manchester United 14 war 6 wins and 7 draws and 1 losses Tanner Glass Jersey, into 20 goals lost 10 goals, goal difference is 10, plot 25 points, followed behind the blue month ranked No. 9. In fact, the two teams at home a total of 13 draws, than Tottenham, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Arsenal plus more! When asked whether the Champions League qualifying their fate, Wenger said: "No, I have a far more far-reaching view, this is not a necessary condition, because in the past 20 years, I have led Arsenal among the semi-finals, This will not be the final condition that will determine my fate J.T. Miller Jersey. "At this time today, missed the Champions League in sports level will be a major blow, but the financial, the Champions League impact is not as important as 5,6 years ago, because We now have income from Premier League broadcast contract Jaromir Jagr Jersey. If we can not reach the Champions League, we must bear the consequences, and then maybe one day, when the team back into the Champions League, people will once again enjoy the Champions League. Manchester City home and Liverpool shake hands and words. This is a two team back and forth the fierce battle, is a pleasant audience watching the wealthy giants collision, after the game Guardiola even said, "This is my coach career the most happy day." But melon handsome really happy What? Do not this game make him scared? Do not forget his football creed is to control Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, not to stimulate.