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Talk about the past

Le 30 March 2017, 04:00 dans Humeurs 0

Talk about the past, Michael has some relieved Eddie Giacomin Jersey. When he left Anfield, the city was still at its peak, and Owen had never thought that the glory of Merseyside could no longer be called "home" from the moment he took Liverpool. While the front no longer waiting for him to climb the peak, only to avoid the inevitable barrier abyss. Alan Shearer also said he was not worried about the future of Stone, he thought that Stone could have a place in the team, and must be the mainstay of the three lions. "This season, I have found many errors in Stone, but I do not think he is not a good defender Keith Yandle Jersey, I must admit that his future is limitless, his dedicated performance is unparalleled. You never guess which team will win the game, or which team will win the championship Dan Girardi Jersey, the Premiership can always bring surprises J.T. Miller Jersey. Leicester City was fantastic that last year they experienced a great season and they eventually became Premier League titles. If we meet the city of Leicester in the Champions League, we will respect them. "This season, Nemal in the Champions League played 7 times into 4 goals 9 assists, especially in the 1/8 finals of the epic reversal of Paris Saint-Germain battle, Nemal last time 2 shot 1 lead to reverse.

The current Premier League left

Le 30 March 2017, 04:00 dans Humeurs 0

The current Premier League left nine round, good at robbing the rich and poor Liverpool has no strong dialogue can play, if you want to enter the top four, behind the nine rounds of the face of the "fellow" will not be soft, robbed rich and poor In the football can be passed for the elephants, but for the urgent need for a Champions League seat to revive the Red Army, I'm afraid to go is a no return. Guardiola further pointed out that "when you get 10 consecutive victories or a good time to play a game, there is nothing special to win.However, you need to consider is what we play in this case, and we are How to deal with them, they are a top team, they have a lot of very good players, for me this has important significance Rod Gilbert Jersey, which is why I am so happy reasons. Such as the victory of Liverpool Adam Clendening Jersey, this war will be Manchester City Premier League 200 home victory, as the history of the 8th team to achieve this achievement, but unfortunately backfire, Blue Moon was 1-1 draw , With the city rivals Manchester United together to become a master of the home draw. Mediocre home record Brandon Pirri Jersey, but also Manchester City Hutch in the race on the way to fall behind the main reason Conor Allen Jersey.

After the Champions League Jeff Beukeboom Jersey

Le 30 March 2017, 03:59 dans Humeurs 0

After the Champions League Jeff Beukeboom Jersey, the media revealed that Guardiola will clean the team in the summer window, Manchester City coach pointed out that "I understand these players, and they also know me, next season I will make some changes, perhaps we can create More opportunities to break into the ball.Of course, I will make a change, but not as we say that. Oliver referee Oliver's campaign several times controversy, a number of places that Manchester City should be at least two penalty. Guardiola said, "You should ask the referee. I will not be here to talk about the referee. Referee should be between the exchange, I have never seen this season happened to these things they should go to analyze why there is always a similar thing Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, I not only refers to Manchester City, but refers to all the Premier League game. As we all know, Manchester United's old Trafford is the most fear of the opponent's stadium Conor Allen Jersey, and the Red Devils home record is the best in the history of the Premier League, 346 wins and 83 only 47 negative Lee Stempniak Jersey. But from the Abu Dhabi Consortium Manchester City after the 2009-2010 season began to calculate, Manchester City in the Etihad stadium made 107 wins, 24 draws and 16 losses, beat Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, is the same time the Premiership home the highest points team.

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